Fish Ponds and Tanks 

New Koi & Pond Update 1 Year Later

1 Year Update on the Koi Pond starts at 3:25 Click to subscribe: Here’s a quick look at my outdoor fish from my stock ponds to my Koi pond. I picked up a pair of new koi today while looking at a Rachu today. Unfortunately, the Ranchu had a piece of gravel stuck in his mouth and when the owner tried to get it out…it went further in. He’s going to keep an eye on him, so we weren’t able to get him, but we found 2 koi that…

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Koi Shops Fish Ponds and Tanks 

A trip to two Koi shops with stunning Ponds!

Fun outing ends on high note with trip to two Koi shops! Koi shops are normally not terribly exiting but as you can see from these photos, we found two that had amazing ponds. One of my greatest pleasures is to own and care for Koi in outside ponds. Recently Angel and I did a bit of “window” shopping where we visited two different Koi shops in one day. At the moment we cannot have our own pond but that does not stop us from admiring these beautiful fish whenever we have…

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