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Rugby’s Greatest Steps, Skills, Tricks – ‘Get With You’ – Rugby Montage

Watch this awesome Rugby Montage packed with great steps, skills and tricks!

A Rugby Montage of the greatest steps, skills and tricks in recent history features in this video from Rugby Zone.

We are often treated by moments of brilliance when watching a rugby match. The skill and confidence of some players are amazing to watch. That’s why it is especially nice to be able to watch a whole video jam packed with these brilliant moments.

Some of the moves portrayed here might come across as pure luck but if you look closer you can see it is exceptional skill rather than luck at play here. And as Gary Player used to say: “The more I practice, the luckier I get”. You do need a high level of hand eye coordination and a exceptional awareness of the game to pull of some of these tricks. And you have to confident in your abilities sometimes even bordering arrogance. If you are not completely confident in yourself it is unlikely that that magic pass behind your back will ever stick.

I especially like the moves displayed when it is a team effort. Often you just need to have faith that your team member will be in the right place to collect your pass or kick. And the longer the team has played together and know each other, the more like that is to happen.

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