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Ponds Gone Wrong The Real McCoy – 4/4

Koi and Koi Ponds

Ponds Gone Wrong The Real McCoy – 4/4

When Ponds gone wrong….

Ponds gone wrong all the time, as can be seen in this fourth video in the series by The Pond Digger.

The video starts off discussing the seam that was made in the pond. Now as a rule, seams are not a bad thing in ponds, but in this case it was not done correctly. If they are done correctly they work like a charm. Because they could not do the seam on a completely flat surface, they had to do a few patches. They couldn’t get the 2 linings flat before seaming it because of a big heavy rock that was installed close to the seam.

Due to all these problems there are various breaches at the seam tape. It is so bad in places that he can easily put two fingers under it. There are also pieces of patch tape all over the place indicating how they tried to fix the problems. If it was done properly there would have been only one piece of seam tape. As a matter of fact, the whole pond in this case could easily have been just one liner. So it is odd that the contractor felt the need to put a seam in in the first place.

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