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New Rare Koi – Snowflake Asagi 1/3

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New Rare Koi – Snowflake Asagi 1/3

Snowflake Asagi, a rare new Koi!

Snowflake Asagi is a new rare Koi featured in todays video by ThePondDigger.

At first glance this is a really beautiful fish with a completely white back and orange belly. These fish have just recently been brought over from Japan and the presenters in the video have some super fact to share with us. The fish has just come in so they are still under quarantine. It is very important that you don’t immediately introduce newly imported fish straight into your existing ponds.

This new Koi has been in development for about twenty years and the results are amazing. Despite all this time developing this strain, it is only now available. There is a certificate for the specific Koi featured in this video and they go over all the information contained in it. This Specific fish has been developed by the Ikarashi Koi Farm. The full name in English is Ginrin Yuki Asagi but we obviously just call it the Snowflake Asagi.

Certificates are great as it authenticates the origin of the fish. It validates that a Koi is a piece of living art with the certificate being the signature of the artist.

You might have noticed by now that to display the Koi and have a better look at it they always put it in blue bowl. It is specifically this color to highlight the patern and color of the fish.

So watch the rest of the video now to see just how awesome this Koi is.

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