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Lemon Hariwake Koi – A favorite of mine

Beautiful Lemon Hariwake Koi!

Lemon Hariwake Koi is one of my favorite Koi and the topic for this video by The Pond Digger.

I cannot tell you enough how much I like this specific type of Koi. And the specimen in the bucket that they are discussing is exceptional! Interesting fact is that Hariwake is the Japanese word for Tin Foil. So the fish definitely has a metallic tint to it. Generally these fish have a paler colored yellow which makes the one we are looking at so much more outstanding.

Another interesting fact about this type of Koi is that it is completely scale-less. This gives you an awesome skin to work with and where the color can really come to life. The specimen on the video has a nice clear face but with yellow around the eyes. It also has nice bright fins which normally tends to be a bit transparent. Its beautiful that the yellow around the eyes matches the yellow stripes along her sides. These stripes are commonly called the racing stripes.

This fish will make an excellent addition to any pond and if you can find one as exquisite as this one, get it! I honestly cannot find anything bad to say about this Koi.

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