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Koi Discussion Tancho

Koi Discussion Tancho, one of my favorite Koi!

Koi Discussion Tancho is the what this video by Pond Digger is all about.

This is one of my favorite Koi especially since getting the perfect specimen is so special. I generally like an Ogon which is a fish that is only one color. In the case of the Tancho it is basically an Platinum Ogon with the exception that it has a red or orange dot on its forehead. The more perfectly round that solid circle is, the better your Tancho.

The spot on the forehead symbolizes the Cherry Blossom which is very important in Japanese culture. This is also reminiscent to the Japanese flag which is a white flag with a big red dot in the middle. This type of Koi is very recognizable in Japanese culture being used in tattoos and art.

I find that when I’m out looking at Koi I’m always on the lookout for the perfect Tancho. There are often many Tancho at the Koi farm, but most of the has imperfect circles. I think these shops probably keep the best ones for themselves! But every now and then I do spot a beauty and really appreciate it.

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