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I need another weekend!


I need another weekend!

Phew, what a weekend. I’m quite buggered. Angel and I have a standing booking on our calendar for a weekend off, once a month. During this weekend we do what we want to do, when we want to do it. We tend to not accept any invites and usually just chill (mostly at home).

This weekend past (a long weekend) was indeed our weekend off, but turned out to be anything but relaxing. Please note though that I’m not complaining. I would do everything again in a heartbeat.

So my weekend in a nutshell:

Saturday morning after a cupcake order was collected, I packed my toolbox and some garden tools and we head off to Jon and Sheena to help out with some DIY that needed to be done around their house. Said DIY ended up being disassembling, sanding and painting a Baby Compactum and Baby Cot. Didn’t quite finish all the painting, so left the evening exhausted but satisfied. Poor Jon himself work like a demon, until even he had no energy left.

Sunday morning, Angel and I popped out to Pick’n’Pay to do our monthly Grocery shopping. It being payday weekend and a Saturday, obviously meant the shops were packed, which is never fun. I had to laugh at Angel though. As we were driving home she said: “As much as I love shopping, I hate unpacking.”

After packing everything away it was back to Jon and Sheen to finish the painting and start assembling the Compactum. I must note that I had a few sore muscles by then, especially my hamstrings, but once I got going it was fine. When we got there Jon was already busy applying second coats to different pieces, so I just helped finishing up. Took a bit of a break to let everything dry (put up house number on the outside wall in this time) and then started carrying everything to the baby room to assemble. After a few upside down hinges and other small mishaps, we got everything back together. And it looked great! And most important, Sheena was happy! We left tired but content.

Late that night I checked my phone and saw a whatsapp from my MIL. She asked me to get a trailer in the morning and load some pot plants and tools to take to their new home, a cottage on SIL C’s property. I was hoping to relax the Monday, it being a public holiday, but I could not refuse the request.

So Monday morning, off we went to the in-law home. Changed cars as my car does not have a tow bar. Went to pick up the trailer. Back to their house. Loaded the trailer. Loaded a bookshelf last as Angel and I were taking it. Headed out to our house first to drop off the bookshelf (Hour long trip). Arrive at our house and realise we forgot our house keys in our own car. Arranged with neighbor to keep the bookshelf in their yard until we get back in the afternoon. Headed off to C’s house (Another hour). Being tired and not paying attention completely miss a turnoff and drive around in circles for another half hour trying to get back on the correct road. Took us 30 minutes to think off switching the GPS on my phone to find our way.

Arrived at C’s house where there fortunately were guys to help us unload. Finished unloading, checked progress on Cottage, and headed back. Dropped of trailer, dropped off car, went home. Arrived home and carried the bookshelf into our garage.

Finally done at about 5pm. Angel was an absolute angel then. I had a long and relaxing deep heat bath and she poured me a brandy to sip on while reading my book, soaking. Fortunately the rest of the night was without incident.

So, I’m at work today, but struggling to get going. Will have to force myself to have an early night tonight.




  1. Angel

    April 28, 2015 at 9:54 am

    Hang in there my love! Its a short week!

    • Glugster

      April 28, 2015 at 9:57 am

      LOL. It’s not like we will be relaxing this coming weekend!

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