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How to Select Ochiba Koi – 1/2


How to Select Ochiba Koi – 1/2

Watch this video to learn about selecting the perfect Ochiba Koi!

Selecting beautiful Ochiba koi should not be to difficult after watching this video from The Pond Digger.

The pattern on this awesome fish is a magical story about the change of season and beautifully expresses Japanese Culture. If you are an enthusiastic koi lover like I am you will really appreciate this video. It shows you how to easily select this wonderful koi and have fun doing it!

The video goes into detail about all the characteristics of this koi and what to look for when doing a hand selection. Depending on your reason for acquiring this koi, you might have to wear different hats when selecting it. If you are looking to enter your fish into a show, you need to wear a judges hat and pick it according to what judges would look for.

You might only be getting the koi for your own pleasure and then you would probably look at completely different attributes.

I hope you enjoyed the video!

Lovely koi in this video and considering that they are only two years old, their color is really striking. They have obviously been only the best in koi food out there.

Absolutely love it!

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