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Growing Clivia seeds

Watch to see how easy growing Clivia seeds really is!

Growing Clivia seeds is actually really easy as seen in this video from Karoo Clivias.

This is a nice video with instructions on how to grow Clivias from seed. It only has written instructions and at times I feel that it is a bit incomplete. I will try and find a more detailed video about growing Clivia seeds at a later stage.

What is nice about this specific video is that all the flowers shown is their own. That means that they have harvested the seeds and grown it there. I’m always on the look out for Clivia plants when I’m out and about. If I see any plants I look for any seeds that is ready to be harvested. What is good about getting your seeds this way is that you can be sure that the flowers have been pollinated.

If you are after more exotic varieties you can always purchases them online from Clivia growers. You can buy seedlings as well as seed pods from them. Obviously when you buy the seeds you still have to germinate and grow it yourself.

Watch the video to get an idea of the process in growing these lovely plants.

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