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Can you identify these flowers?

During a family outing this weekend past, I came across these flowers in the garden. The bush the flowers were growing on does remind me quite a bit of a daisy bush, but the flowers I have never seen before. As you can see, the flower petals almost make little tentacles, which is what attracted me to them in the first place. So, I was initially stumped, but good old google came to the rescue. It seems these flowers are one of the spooned variants of Osteospermum, or more commonly named…

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Good Old Games - Master Of Orion About Moi 

Good Old Games

I started playing computer games quite young, back in the days even before colour screens. I can remember the doors that opened in the gaming world when 16 colour VGA monitors came out! My choice in games were also quite specific. I was never one for skop, skiet en donner (First person shooter and fighting games). I was always drawn more to the strategic, simulation and role playing (RPG) genre. Games like Civilization (The first one!), Sim City, Master Of Orion, Ultima, Eye of the Beholder, Might and Magic, Populous,…

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