A weekend trip to Howick

This weekend past, being a long weekend, we packed our bags and headed out to Howick, a little town on the way to Durban. The plan was to go and visit Angel’s Granny, who we haven’t seen for over a year. Originally the In-laws would have joined us, but with their move, they could not make it, so we asked Sister-In-Law B in stead.

The trip down was pretty uneventful and the traffic was manageable. I did however have a stomach bug, so for a change we were stopping at every petrol for me to run to the loo, and not because the ladies needed loo breaks! This caused the 500Km trip to take more than 7 hours……….why do you want to hurry a road trip in any case?

We also stopped at Harrismith for brunch and visited the Smallest Church in South Africa there, as SIL B hasn’t seen it yet.

When we finally got to Howick, we went straight to a fair where we were meeting the family we were staying with. The fair was near its end, but we did manage to browse some of the stalls and do some shopping.

The were staying on a farm just outside of Howick, up in the mountains for the weekend, with some awesome scenery.



The next day turned out to be quite busy. It started with a visit to Granny. She didn’t know we were coming, so it was a pleasant surprise for her. After tea and a chat, we headed to the shop for a few groceries. Then it was a visit to a Belgian Chocolate Shop, a Belgian Waffle Restaurant as some antique and crafty shops. On the way back home we got sidetracked and went to watch a Polo practice session. This was quite educational for me. I know nothing about this sport.


When we finally headed home, I showed the kids how to bake bread (We made 2 loaves). SIL B Showed them how to make Apple Crumble, and Angel showed them how to make Chocolate Ganache. Needless to say, dinner was a feast!

After dinner we played a few rounds of Rummikub, Angel’s favorite game. It felt quite late, so when I stated that we would play one more game and then head for bed, my pronouncement was met with disbelieving laughter. It was only 7:30pm! Needless to say we ended up having a few more games.

I must just note here that it felt quite strange having the bed to ourselves, and being able to sleep late, with no dogs taking over and waking us up demanding food.

The next morning we had left-over baked bread for breakfast, pack the car, and hit the road. First stop was a visit to the Mandela Capture Site Museum, which is on the road back to Howick. It is quite a long walk down to the main Sculpture, but I decided to chill on a bench while Angel and SIL B did the walking.


Then a final visit with Granny. We got some nice pictures of Granny with her two grand daughters and escorted her to the dining room as it was almost time for her lunch. We said our goodbyes, quickly popped into the shop for drinks and snacks for the road and then got going.

The roads, to say the least, was a bit of a nightmare. I honestly don’t understand why so many people take so many risks while driving on the road. With constantly having to look out for other drivers and trying to pass all the trucks on the road, the drive back home ended up being quite tiring. Boy was I glad when we finally saw the Gauteng sign. Everything just looks better in Gauteng. More civilised 🙂


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  1. Thank you for all your driving my love!

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