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A trip to two Koi shops with stunning Ponds!

Fun outing ends on high note with trip to two Koi shops!

Koi shops are normally not terribly exiting but as you can see from these photos, we found two that had amazing ponds.

One of my greatest pleasures is to own and care for Koi in outside ponds. Recently Angel and I did a bit of “window” shopping where we visited two different Koi shops in one day. At the moment we cannot have our own pond but that does not stop us from admiring these beautiful fish whenever we have an opportunity. Angel it seems have quite an expensive taste when it comes to the which Koi fish she likes. Maybe not having a pond now is a blessing in disguise. 🙂

I took some pictures while we were walking around admiring the ponds. Both shops have lovely big ponds with a wide variety of Koi in them! One shop had hidden away levels of ponds with winding paths and bamboo forests. It was a surprise to find such a tranquil space in Johannesburg of all places, especially with all the bamboo!

There were a lot of the fake rock effects used but for the most part it was tastefully done.

Koi 1

Koi 2

Koi 3

Koi 4

Koi 5

Koi 7

Koi 8

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One Thought to “A trip to two Koi shops with stunning Ponds!”

  1. Ah to have a garden full of koi ponds… And yes indeed, I have expensive tastes in koi! 😀

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