I need another weekend!

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Phew, what a weekend. I’m quite buggered. Angel and I have a standing booking on our calendar for a weekend off, once a month. During this weekend we do what we want to do, when we want to do it. We tend to not accept any invites and usually just chill (mostly at home).

This weekend past (a long weekend) was indeed our weekend off, but turned out to be anything but relaxing. Please note though that I’m not complaining. I would do everything again in a heartbeat.

So my weekend in a nutshell:

Saturday morning after a cupcake order was collected, I packed my toolbox and some garden tools and we head off to Jon and Sheena to help out with some DIY that needed to be done around their house. Said DIY ended up being disassembling, sanding and painting a Baby Compactum and Baby Cot. Didn’t quite finish all the painting, so left the evening exhausted but satisfied. Poor Jon himself work like a demon, until even he had no energy left.

Sunday morning, Angel and I popped out to Pick’n’Pay to do our monthly Grocery shopping. It being payday weekend and a Saturday, obviously meant the shops were packed, which is never fun. I had to laugh at Angel though. As we were driving home she said: “As much as I love shopping, I hate unpacking.”

After packing everything away it was back to Jon and Sheen to finish the painting and start assembling the Compactum. I must note that I had a few sore muscles by then, especially my hamstrings, but once I got going it was fine. When we got there Jon was already busy applying second coats to different pieces, so I just helped finishing up. Took a bit of a break to let everything dry (put up house number on the outside wall in this time) and then started carrying everything to the baby room to assemble. After a few upside down hinges and other small mishaps, we got everything back together. And it looked great! And most important, Sheena was happy! We left tired but content.

Late that night I checked my phone and saw a whatsapp from my MIL. She asked me to get a trailer in the morning and load some pot plants and tools to take to their new home, a cottage on SIL C’s property. I was hoping to relax the Monday, it being a public holiday, but I could not refuse the request.

So Monday morning, off we went to the in-law home. Changed cars as my car does not have a tow bar. Went to pick up the trailer. Back to their house. Loaded the trailer. Loaded a bookshelf last as Angel and I were taking it. Headed out to our house first to drop off the bookshelf (Hour long trip). Arrive at our house and realise we forgot our house keys in our own car. Arranged with neighbor to keep the bookshelf in their yard until we get back in the afternoon. Headed off to C’s house (Another hour). Being tired and not paying attention completely miss a turnoff and drive around in circles for another half hour trying to get back on the correct road. Took us 30 minutes to think off switching the GPS on my phone to find our way.

Arrived at C’s house where there fortunately were guys to help us unload. Finished unloading, checked progress on Cottage, and headed back. Dropped of trailer, dropped off car, went home. Arrived home and carried the bookshelf into our garage.

Finally done at about 5pm. Angel was an absolute angel then. I had a long and relaxing deep heat bath and she poured me a brandy to sip on while reading my book, soaking. Fortunately the rest of the night was without incident.

So, I’m at work today, but struggling to get going. Will have to force myself to have an early night tonight.


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Can you identify these flowers?

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During a family outing this weekend past, I came across these flowers in the garden.

The bush the flowers were growing on does remind me quite a bit of a daisy bush, but the flowers I have never seen before.

Pretty Flower

As you can see, the flower petals almost make little tentacles, which is what attracted me to them in the first place.

Pretty Flowers

So, I was initially stumped, but good old google came to the rescue.

It seems these flowers are one of the spooned variants of Osteospermum, or more commonly named African Daisy or even Cape Daisy. The variant that seems to match my pictures closely is called ‘Sunny Phillip’. So I was not far off thinking the bush looked a bit like a daisy bush.

You can read more about this pretty flower at Dave’s Garden.

I love discovering new things!

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Good Old Games

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Good Old Games - Master Of Orion

I started playing computer games quite young, back in the days even before colour screens. I can remember the doors that opened in the gaming world when 16 colour VGA monitors came out!

Good Old Games - Locomotion

Good Old Games – Locomotion

My choice in games were also quite specific. I was never one for skop, skiet en donner (First person shooter and fighting games). I was always drawn more to the strategic, simulation and role playing (RPG) genre. Games like Civilization (The first one!), Sim City, Master Of Orion, Ultima, Eye of the Beholder, Might and Magic, Populous, Colonization. I can go on and on.

ColonizationIn my opinion the games of today looks great. State of the art graphics and sound. Yet they do not attract me us much as the old classics do. The just don’t have the same richness in game play and story line. Angel always laughs at me when she see the games I’m currently playing. Heavily pix-elated. Corny music. But they are great. I can play hours and hours. And I do.

One of the great finds for me was the site GOG.com (Good Old Games). They have all the old classics. If they don’t have it, they’ll get it soon enough. They also package these games with a installer and often an emulator, so you can play them on today’s PCs which are much faster than they used to be. Note that there is a cost involved, but in my mind a few dollars are worth it (The price of cheap Apps for your phone these days).

Space QuestI have steadily started working my way through all the games I played as a kid and I’m loving every second of it. And I think being a little bit wiser today (I hope), that I’m appreciating the game play in these games like I never did before. My strategy has also become more sophisticated. Guess I didn’t know everything when I was a teenager! :)

I also don’t need the newest and greatest gaming PC on the market just to be able to play games. These game run very nicely on older machines.

So, if you are a gamer like me, and you want to re-visit some of the old classics, go have a look. You won’t be sorry.

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The Monster Of Howick Falls

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thumb_howick_falls_897 Howick is a little town in the Natal Midlands, South Africa. The Howick Falls is approximately 311 feet high and is part of the Umgeni River. The lake is sacred to the natives (The Zulu People) and traditional witch doctors (sangomas) are the only people allowed to approach it to offer prayers to Inkanyamba, the creature that lives in the falls.

The Inkanaymba is described as having a horse-like head with a serpentine body. It has horns on its head a crest on its back.

In local legends it is able to fly into the clouds (especially when looking for a mate) and when angry can create massive storms. Previous big storms in the area have been blamed on the creature. There are also cave paintings of the creature where it is often depicted as spewing water from its mouth.

As unlikely as it may sound, there still are sightings of the creature in recent times:

• Nearby in the Umgeni River a Conservation Services game ranger saw a creature with a horse-like head on the shore, but when he got closer it disappeared into the river. (1962)

• The caretaker of a caravan park near Howick Falls claims to have seen the creature twice (1971 and 1981):
o When looking into the misty falls he saw the form of a giant monster with its neck raised about 32 feet into the air. He said it had a crest running along its back.

• A fast-food shop owner at the falls claims he saw a 25 feet giant serpent-like creature rise out of the depths (1995). He did not have a camera there at the time, but offered a reward to any person who could take a picture of the creature. Sure enough a picture was produced, showing a long-necked animal rising out the water (Photos below).

• Reports began circulating of a monstrous snake-like beast in the community of Ezitapile in the Eastern Cape (2000). The monster was described as yellow with a horse-like head and a body as thick as a twenty quart barrel.

As far as the actual falls and pool at the bottom is concerned, it is highly unlikely that a big creature lives there. It is more likely that the local myths and real-live creatures like otters and eels got mixed together to produce the legend of the monster. Today you can arrange to abseil alongside the falls, down the gorge and into the pool. There is also a viewing platform above the falls close to the car park (This is where the shop-keeper allegedly saw the creature from).


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